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Mechanics and Techs LLC is a nationwide specialty recruiting company. We are dedicated to the active recruitment of Heavy and Light Equipment mechanics and other vital equipment dealership level Management, Parts, Service, Sales, Rental, Admin and Product Support positions. We recruit for corporate and privately owned businesses in the United States and around the world.

Who do we recruit? In addition to technicians we recruit and provide on-boarding help with experienced candidates for other Equipment related positions such as: Regional or Branch Manager, Fleet Manager, Equipment Manager, Service Manager, Shop Foreman, Service Writers/Estimators, Service Admins, Warranty Administrators, Inventory Control Managers, Parts Managers, Parts Counter Sales, CSA/PSR, Sales and Rental.

Combined with our automated social media platform, industry networking programs, niche industry websites, referral programs and targeted advertising we have positioned ourselves to maintain the largest and most current databases of pre-evaluated candidates in the diesel equipment industry.

As a valued client of M&T we provide you with a better hiring option. Our clients need qualified and experienced people today – and they want and we provide First Look at the best candidates available. 

Today especially with mechanics and technicians the experienced candidates you need are already employed. We have a multi approach process where we can quickly identify candidates who closely match your specific needs, we then contact qualified candidates directly to gauge their interest in your position. As another option if we can’t find a match locally we always have numerous, highly qualified candidates who are willing to relocate for a better career opportunity.

Our screening process allows us to recruit, evaluate and classify a mechanics actual technical skill level. We also identify other attributes our clients value such as – skilled in welding, Ac – before we present a matching candidate or candidates for your further consideration. We can then arrange an interview by phone or in person with any candidates you would like to speak with directly.

One of the biggest challenges facing hiring managers today is correctly gauging mechanic or technician skill levels. We pre-screen and evaluate our applicants to insure they can display the competence and confidence to use the skills they list on their resume. Using the information we provide will give you a much better insight into our candidates abilities before you consider making a hiring decision.

How do we get our applicants?

Mechanics and Techs’ hiring platform combines the power of the internet with a personal touch to bring together top talent with top companies . . .  read more .

How does our program work?

Mechanics and Techs offer a low cost, time efficient solution to your Mechanic staffing needs. We have level 1, 2, 3, and Level 4 pre-qualified Diesel Equipment Mechanics and Diesel Engine Technicians applications on file … read more .

Our Fees

Our fees are based on skill level needed and are very competitive industry-wide. Averaging between $1500 for a mechanic helper/trainee to $3500 for a top, senior tech in the US or Canada, our low cost solution to your staffing needs can’t be beat . . .  read more .

Hands on Customer Service

Our personal, hands-on service is unrivaled in the Diesel Job industry. As part of our commitment to you, we’re always available to discuss or answer . . . read more .

Does down time for your company mean lower productivity, irate customers and lost revenues?

 And you just can’t seem to find the right Mechanics you need?


  • Agricultural
  • Pipeline
  • Construction
  • Crane
  • Diesel Engine
  • Diesel Truck/Trailer
  • Forestry
  • Road Building
  • Off Shore Rigs
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Municipalities
  • Governmental
  • Demolition


headerIf you’re getting an abundance of quality applicants from ads placed on traditional job boards, our service may not be for you at this time. But, if you find yourself always searching for qualified techs and growing frustrated dealing with too few or unqualified applicants just relax, you have found your mechanic solution.

Mechanics and Techs offers an effective, low cost way to fill your mechanic related positions. We go beyond job boards and actively seek out mechanics in your area who closely match your skill requirements. We provide all levels of mechanics and techs – from Senior Mechanics to Trainees and Helpers.

We understand that companies invest significant resources to locate, retain and advance employees. As a leader in talent management and employee recruitment for the Diesel Industry M&T is invested in the long term success of each and every applicant and our valued clients.



It’s not enough to just get the job done – you have to get the job done right. Mechanics and Techs LLC specializes in bringing together the right people with the right jobs. We work with a broad range of industries within the Diesel Sector and can help get you and your company the best mechanics and techs available in the market today. Our specialized recruitment process focuses on quality instead of quantity – we know one great employee is worth more than two average ones. Let us bring you the best so that you can get the job done right. … read more .


JobsWith the exception of some regional pockets, equipment dealers and rental houses are experiencing an ongoing national technician drought. They continue to struggle in a vicious circle to find and keep well-trained, well rounded jack of all trades employees. An estimated 200,000 diesel technician and construction equipment mechanics jobs are vacant, according to statistics from the Technology Maintenance Counsel. The outlook is not promising for those whose businesses depend upon the fast and correct servicing of rental equipment. Mechanic shortages plague markets both large and small, with few consistent patterns. While some believe the larger pool of job candidates in a metropolitan area slightly eases the task of finding good help, those who run operations in both big and small towns find that local culture, demographics and economics play a more significant role than just the population count.