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It’s not enough to just get the job done – you have to get the job done right. Mechanics and Techs family of staffing and recruitment companies specializes in bringing together the right people with the right jobs. We work with a broad range of industries within the Diesel Sector and can help get you and your company the best mechanics and techs available in the market today. Our specialized recruitment process focuses on quality instead of quantity – we know one great employee is worth more than two average ones. Let us bring you the best so that you can get the job done right.


Mechanics and Techs is the smart choice for employers seeking skilled diesel technicians and mechanics in today’s market. Our family of staffing and recruiting companies is the leading provider of skilled Mechanics and Technicians for many industries including; Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Heavy Forklift, Construction and many others. Our relationship with HeavyEquipmentMechanicJobs.com and other internet sites provide our clients and mechanic and technician applicants access to the resources of a large corporation with the personal touch of a smaller, specialty provider.

As the Diesel Sector becomes more demanding and more competitive, employers need access to the best, most skilled and highly recruited workers and resources available. We can help you decide how your company runs and what you can really accomplish with the right people behind you, maximize your earning potential and find the best fit for you and your potential employees.

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