Save time and money by utilizing Mechanics and Techs for your next hire.

Employee turnover is expensive!

From the time and money required to find an adequate replacement, loss of momentum and teamwork on a project, potential to go over budget and not being able to deliver on time – it is crucial to hire quality people from day one.

Let us do the legwork for you.

Finding the best talent for your company is essential. We have over three decades of combined experience in the mechanics and technician staffing and recruiting industry. At Mechanics and Techs, we have a proven process of vetting and hiring the absolute best candidates for top companies ensuring long-term employee retention.

One well matched employee is worth more than two unmatched.

A really great hire that has the opportunity for long term employment requires some core factors. At Mechanics and Techs, we use a selective approach to find the best match between candidate and employer, going beyond simple competency. Our cost effective, efficient process takes into consideration these core factors:

Competence: Does the candidate have the required skills, experience and credentials needed to perform at the job? Is he or she competent enough to excel at his work?

Integrity: Does the potential hire have a level of integrity adequate to represent your company?

Harmony: Will the candidate be able to make interpersonal connections with his team members if working with a team? Does he or she possess the skills to interact with many different people in many circumstances, if required?

Personality and disposition: Does the candidate match in personal or professional style with the energy and vibe of your company. Will his or her style and personality enable him to be successful in the work environment offered by your company?

We understand that companies invest significant resources to locate, retain and advance employees. As a leader in talent management and employee recruitment in the Diesel Sector, Mechanics and Techs is invested in the long term success of each client.

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Hire us to get your job done right!


It’s not enough to just get the job done – you have to get the job done right. Mechanics and Techs family of staffing and recruitment companies specializes in bringing together the right people with the right jobs. We work with a broad range of industries within the Diesel Sector and can help get you and your company the best mechanics and techs available in the market today. Our specialized recruitment process focuses on quality instead of quantity – we know one great employee is worth more than two average ones. Let us bring you the best so that you can get the job done right.




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Driving talent to your organization


Not just a partner, an extension of your business


Connecting Business Leaders with Top Talent



Our Road Map to Success:


  1. People Matter
  2. Relationships are Key
  3. Exceed Goals and Objectives
  4. Provide Superior Solutions


Our Expertise:

We offer full services solutions to our clients. Utilizing Mechanics and Techs multidisciplinary approach to hiring and recruiting can help drive talent to your company and provide easy to use solutions to your staffing needs.


Some of what we provide for the Diesel Sector:


  • Recruiting Services
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Retention
  • Talent Management
  • Diesel Mechanic Recruitment
  • Diesel Mechanic Placement
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic and Tech Jobs
  • Diesel Industry Careers



Our Process/Our Approach


Our staff at Mechanics and Techs have hands on, real world experience in all facets of the Diesel Industry. From job placement, human resources, recruiting top talent and beyond, we can help your company solve your most demanding hiring needs.


Some of the industries for which we recruit:


  • Diesel Sector
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics
  • Heavy Equipment Technicians
  • Etc.


Our Recruiting Philosophy


We understand the Diesel Industry’s difficulty when it comes to hiring high quality, qualified mechanics and techs in today’s market. We know that finding and retaining the best talent has never been more challenging, and we are here to help.


Mechanics and Techs utilizes a unique approach mixed with tried and true principles and cutting edge methods to bring qualified and uniquely matched heavy equipment mechanics to your doorstep. Our focus on growing relationships and boosting our clients’ productivity enables us to provide incomparable recruiting and job search services to our users. We’re more than a partner – we are an extension of your business!


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