Save time and money by utilizing Mechanics and Techs for your next hire.

recruitmentEmployee turnover is expensive!

Considering the time and money required to find an adequate replacement along with the potential training costs of a new employee – it is crucial to hire quality people from day one.

Let us do the legwork for you.

Finding the best talent for your company is essential. We have many years of hands on experience in the Diesel Repair Industry experience. At Mechanics and Techs, we have a proven process of vetting and placing the absolute best candidates for both large and smaller private companies ensuring long-term employee retention.

We also support and work very closely with diesel industry schools, recent trade school grads and others interested in entering the non automotive Diesel Repair Industry. If you have any openings for Level 1 Trainees/helpers we have some wonderful, young candidates in our data base looking for great companies to begin their diesel careers .

One well matched employee is worth more than two unmatched.

A really great hire that has the opportunity for long term employment requires some core factors. At Mechanics and Techs, we use a selective approach to find the best match between candidate and employer, we go beyond simple competency. Our process takes into consideration these core factors:

Competence: Does the candidate have the required skills, experience and credentials needed to perform at the job? Is he or she competent enough to excel at their work?

Integrity: Does the potential hire have a level of integrity adequate to represent your company?

Harmony: Will the candidate be able to make interpersonal connections with his team members if working with a team? Does he or she possess the skills to interact with many different people in many circumstances, if required?

Personality and disposition: Does the candidate match in personal or professional style with the energy and vibe of your company. Will their style and personality enable them to be successful in the work environment offered by your company?

At Mechanic and Techs we know that many skills can be listed on a resume. While “we can make no performance guarantees related to any candidate we recommend ” we pre-screen and evaluate our applicants to try and insure they display the competence and confidence to use their skills to perform various tasks related to there position correctly, consistently and repeatedly.

Who do we recruit? In addition to technicians, we recruit and provide onboarding help with experienced candidates for other dealership positions such as:

Corporate, Regional or Branch Management, Fleet Manager, Equipment Manager, Service Manager, Shop Foreman, Service Writers/Estimators, Dispatchers, Telematics, Trainers, Service Admins, Warranty Administrators, AR – AP, Inventory Control Managers, Parts Managers, Parts Counter Sales, Customer Service Reps (CSA/PSR), Rental and Salespeople and many others.