6Our fees

Our fees are based on skill level needed and are super competitive industry wide. With M&T you receive the benefits of a recruiting company – but without high costs and confusing employment contracts.

Our fees are a simple and based on a one time recruitment fee averaging  $2500 for an experienced mid-level tech to $3500 for a senior level tech.  Our fees for other positions we recruit vary by region but are very reasonable and affordable. We know that finding the right person for the right job can save a company money and valuable time over just placing a Job Board Ad then hoping someone qualified reads it.

OUR GUARANTEE – if you elect to hire one of our candidates, and they are no longer with your company for any reason within the first 30 days, we will offer a full refund. Between 30 and 60 days, we will provide a refund for 75% of the fee paid – 60 to 90 days we offer 50% of the fee paid to help cover our cost. Also, at any time during the first 90 day period and lieu of a refund, we will always offer to provide you with another qualified candidate 100% free of charge – your choice.

We recruit the talent you need and then help you bring them onboard quickly. Our uniquely positioned network of jobs  websites are already searching 24/7 for just the right candidate for your current or future job opening.

Give us a try and let us be your Diesel Industry Solution.