You may be working for a company that cannot pay you what you are really worth. We can find you jobs that can.

Why should you choose to be your recruiter and job consultant? And what does a job recruiter do anyway?

We help maximize your earning potential. The companies that support and request our services are made to fully understand exactly what they need to provide Mechanics in wages and also the benefits they need to supply to be able to hire and ensure they keep loyal, qualified mechanics on board.

Just like in your job search, companies must be discreet in how they go about hiring someone. Many companies have a policy that they do not directly approach a customer’s Mechanic and offer them a job. However, they have no problem hiring a Mechanic if he approached them. That’s where we come in. Our customers may provide us with a candidate’s name or just a job description and location. We take it from there – our team actively recruits that person or other qualified candidates to fill their open position quickly.

How do we recruit mechanics for employers?

While many of our customers (your potential employers) do not advertise on poorly managed, out dated and misleading job boards, our website is an example of how our customers (your potential employers) and clients fund our services to help to help us get their message out.

For example, we are currently recruiting 11 Mechanics for a 2 to 3 year Pipeline Job and Pumping Station Upgrade that is about to begin in the Southeast. To get the people they need in place, the company has contracted to recruit potential candidates. Mechanics And Techs has fully vetted the company and the candidates to ensure the best fit for both parties – we make sure that the companies we are recruiting for pay top dollar to the people we bring them, and that the potential candidates have the skills required to get the job done. It’s a win win scenario for the company and the potential Mechanics that they hire.

If you are good, you will be referred!

The biggest compliment someone can give you is a recommendation for a job. We have a huge network of industry professionals who recommend potential candidates for various openings. We then actively seek out and contact those people directly to gauge their interest in a current or potential future job offer. Fill out our form below to get started.

We have the best team in the industry!

We know this industry from top to bottom. Take a look at our staff page – you will see that our team is full of people who, just like you, started in the service or parts department at a local dealership or worked for a local business in our industry. Almost all of our dedicated staff have worked in the Diesel Sector themselves for many years – we understand your value to an organization. We also know that if you are currently employed, you must be very cautious and discreet with any new job search. You can be rest assured that no one outside of our office will know or share any information about you without your consent. We make it a priority to discuss with you who is interested in hiring you, what they are hiring for and what they are paying before releasing your personal details. We can also come up with a personalized do not call list made up of companies that you have no interest in working with for any reason.

We Build Strong Relationships

We work with the best of the best – only those employers who recognize the true value of a long term productive employee and are willing to pay at the top of the current average wage for certain positions and locations.

Our continuous relationship building opens up more job opportunities for our recruits. We are proud members of many of the National Diesel Engine Services and Equipment related trade organizations and Equipment Manufactures groups. We regularly attend, promote and present our services to related industry groups both in the US and abroad.

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